Bristol Children’s Help Society

helping the most disadvantaged children

>Aims - Our mission

To support young children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds particularly those living in Bristol and North Somerset and to give them an opportunity to extend their horizons beyond the deprivation in which many of them live.
To achieve this through the provision of respite and study breaks in a safe and stimulating environment, where children feel secure and can build the resilience so necessary to cope with their difficult lives.
To do this for all deprived children on a highly subsidised basis or, free for the most disadvantaged children.

>History - Who are we?

BCHS was founded in 1884, the Children’s Centre being established at the present location in 1890. Since then more than 100,000 children have enjoyed a break here, most of them recalling it simply as "Barton Camp". All remember the unique and calming atmosphere contributed by the caring staff, while many say it helped change their lives.

Bristol Children’s Help Society continues to be run successfully by a small group of dedicated unpaid volunteers. We believe that our voluntary approach generates the best results, as well as keeping operating costs low.