Bristol Children’s Help Society

helping the most disadvantaged children

>The Evidence

Facing the facts:

There are almost 9,000 children living in the most disadvantaged wards of Bristol.(i)
The 10 areas of greatest deprivation have the least facilities for under 14s.(i)
Today in Bristol 242 children are on the Child Protection Register. 525 are being ‘looked after’ by the City Council.
22 schools are in areas classed as deprived.

i) Catching in the Rye 2004

ii) MIND

It does seem that poverty and family conflict are the most important factors in increasing the risk of childhood mental health problems and poverty and family discord are more likely to occur when the parents are unemployed, divorced, living alone or homeless.(ii)
On average, 45% of children in Bristol are concerned about someone selling drugs in their neighbourhood and it is estimated that 5000 children between 10 and 17 have used drugs (i) (At one of the schools that we work with 25% of parents are alcohol dependent and 15% drug dependent).
Because it is invisible, emotional abuse is the most insidious and under-recognised form of child abuse but a survey by NSPCC suggested that it was the fastest growing and most common form of maltreatment.(ii)