Bristol Children’s Help Society

helping the most disadvantaged children

>The Future and Funding

Over the last century our buildings and facilities have been constructed, extended and renovated several times to provide a safe, supportive and exhilarating place were young people can enjoy being children.
Subject to availability of funds, this process continues with a series of projects designed to:
Renovate, improve and raise safety levels of existing facilities.
Increase capacity and extend the season to bring more children to Barton
At present we are able to welcome 2,800 children to the Centre each year, giving them the time of their life. In Bristol alone however there are thousands more children who really need a break. Their teachers, church groups and community leaders know who is in most need, but unless we can carry out major repairs and development, we have to turn them away.
With your help, we can achieve these improvements, and by 2013 we will be able to give 1,000 more disadvantaged children a chance to have a break every year.
Building work at Barton Building work at Barton