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Management Development and Training Programmes

Why does involvement in management training benefit the deprived children that BCHS works so hard to support?

Good question! We can run more holidays!

Because of an unusual partnership with a respected and long-established local training specialist, Grass Routes, who invite sponsoring companies to send a team of delegates to Barton to plan & deliver a holiday week for a group of deprived children.

Is this a challenge? Definitely!

The impact? Programme is stretching, mentally, physically and emotionally. The experience and valuable lessons do not fade away a week after, they remain ‘learnt for life’.

How does it work?

Delegates are guided throughout by Grass Routes expert training staff, who provide appropriate theory inputs and one to one support.

So who benefits? Win win!

  • Children

    Experience something they have never had - a holiday to remember

  • Sponsoring Organisation

    gets top class management training for key staff

    fulfils corporate social responsibility aims

  • BCHS

    Charity can provide additional holidays at no cost

  • Also

    The vital links created yield real support for BCHS both in terms of funding and more practical support from volunteers.

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