Bristol Children’s Help Society

helping the most disadvantaged children

>The Need

The harsh and often hardly imaginable realities as they are for disadvantaged children in and around Bristol, are why BCHS and Barton Camp exist.
Imagine never having been to the seaside or been allowed to go on school trips because no-one in your family could spare a couple of pounds ‘just for you’...
Imagine being picked on because you wear the wrong clothes to school...
Imagine what it’s like to be a child living surrounded by drug litter or with the after effects of alcohol abuse...
When you’ve been lucky enough to grow up in a household with parents who could provide for you, it’s difficult to imagine how tough life can be if you’re a child who can take nothing for granted.

>Put yourself in their shoes

As you read this, an estimated 4000 children are facing another day of going without the necessities of life: a welcoming hug after a day at school, the right sort of food or being cared for in the real sense of the word.

These are not children on the other side of the world; they are children on our own doorstep. Children who live in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Each of these areas contains pockets of deep deprivation, where children cannot count on anyone to help them. Yet they are not street children. They are children who have the daily struggle of trying to help a parent with mental health problems, drug or alcohol abuse or disability. They are children who often have to take on the role of running the household or looking after younger siblings because no one else in the household is capable of doing so.

They are children who face a bleak future because they don’t dare to dream.

child in need